Redoing Curios Directory, House 1


When BPS was open I spent hours going through Curios Directory. For me it was for the build items and seeing what ideas they came up with!

I was just going back through the directory via the wayback machine and realised alot of the links are now broken or obsolete. So I thought I’d give it a go to fix it up, I’m thinking at some point I will need a hand for items whose links don’t work, or just plain can’t find anymore so feel free to hit me up either here or at my Tumblr.

Also there is ALOT here not mentioned, I havnt really done the hard yards in finding this stuff, it was previous members at BPS. All I’ve done is cut and paste then go search for live links. If theres something in the pics thats not already found, and you either have it or know where it is let me know and I will add it, or if something not found that you’d like found then ask in the comments and everyone who sees this can have a hand in looking for it!


Pic 1.


Fence flowerRetail Sims 2nd download
Fence Solid WhiteJonesi blocked Fence  (no longer available, have uploaded to SFS)
Doo Wop Build OrnamentsSimsCave (Box link works, mediafire doesnt)
Modern White PedimentAilias MTS2
Columns/Other parts(could be) All 4 Sims Arboretum Fences Set – (lots of recols there also)
Fence in front between wall4ESF (Metal fence)
Brown wood fence(2nd level) – Bella’s Zepplin Set
Big white columnStylistSims
Small white columnShinySims (I found a link to the graveyard for this, it said it was under the window set, but IDk, seems like its a window and recolours to me!)
Steps/stairs – Maxis Almost indestructible concrete

Pic 2.


Roof edging
The roof is just actually a normal Maxis slanted roof with a white underside then the last section of wall has been removed to give a more “hung over” look
Windows Fusion SetSlaved, Kiris recolours

Pic 3.


Stairs, Fence & Floor Capping 4ESF
Railng on 2nd floor (could be) Holy Simoly The ‘Industrial’ railing
Wooden poles under glass Cat3cm TSR
Bamboo plant China Fan Sims (Bamboo link not working, cant find)
Stones/rocks Nengi65 – I assume in garden somewhere
CurtainsWDS Pete Bean (not working alot of their stuff here but I also think Holy Simolys simply Elegant curtains would work well too! plus theres a heap of add ons and recolours for them!)
Wall cutouts – to the right of pic ~ Combo of items!
….. Fat D’s Halfwalls – Mark 3
….. Fat D’s Design Kit
….. Tiggy’s Wall cut outs
Glass/Transparent floor – Any will do or get some here – MTS2 Or TSR
Gerbera – Shakeshaft TSR
Little white flowersBitzyBus TSR
Cut off bamboo polesMurano TSR

Pic 4.


Oven on back wall simgedoehns2
Black floorPimpMySims (Though Im pretty sure any black floor will do, plenty of those around!)
Ceiling (could be) – Jonesi’s MDK (No longer available, pulled out of the depths of my folder, it really is a must have!) Or China Fan Sims (Take the date back at the top to any of the dates before 2016 and then click on the file name to DL)

Pic 5.


Floor candlesKare Living
Records on floorPadre333 TSR (could also use these)
Vase’s – Eero’s Urbino Living – Sims Cave
PicturesSimply Styling
Wall – Maxis – Ikea Stuff Pack?
Hanging LampsShakeShaft TSR

Pic 6.


Lights to the rightAlias MTS2
Ceiling DecoHuabanzhu TSR
Floor lampSimcredible Living/Page 2/Bescher set. Only available at their yahoo group, have uploaded just the lamp
Painting – Simbella donation Gift Kohv set (Just painting added if you want the rest get it at Simscave)
Thick Bamboo – Maxis (though im sure this is a shorter version, and i know I’ve seen one somewhere)
WaterfeatureTiggy MTS2

Pic 7.


Sofa – Eero’s Urbino Living Sims Cave
SeatMurano TSR
Magazine HolderStylistSims
Wall Rack – Bella PVP Simscave Linder set

Pic 8.


Question: How did she make the step up? Find here: TUTORIAL
Deco Wired Balls On table WallSims Java Set
LightsBlake Boy MTS2
StairsJonesi’s Modular Stairs MESH Don’t know where the recolours are anymore!
White ScreenMangoSims Tom Set
Columns – Shiny Sims (as in pic one)
Bookcases – Maxis
RoseReflexSims – Piano Set
Shelf/Bookcase (behind piano with vase) Eero CNCLiving – SimsCave
Vase’s on TableReflex Sims Treasure Chest Gift#4

Pic 9.


Boxes under tableSteffor TSR
PianoMurano TSR (the the game one im sure will also suffice)
Coffee TableEero Remsen Living Sims Cave White recol included!
Vases near piano – these are simular – WallSims Or Simply Styling

Pic 10.


ChairSimgedohns comes without cushion!
Candles (on table)SimSecrets “SoSweetKitchen”
CurtainsShino/KCR TSR
Champagne Birgit43 TSR
Floor lampPeggyzone
Table deco (plates & cups) – Amelia Dining SimsCave
Table cloth decoHabitat43
Green Cushions (on chair) – SimplyStyling Recol is there you just cant see it!
Table – Not Found

Pic 11.


Fence above door wayAstagan” Industrial Fences MTS2
Little White Modular Round Flowerbeds MaryLou & Numenor MTS2
Pot Plant#1Mangosims “Natura” Set
Black Chair & Table4ESF
Wood FloorsSimplyStyling
LoungersSimply Styling
SunshadeBirgit43 TSR
Purple flower/vase Steffor TSR
BigVase with green balls (the vase on the table)- SIMcredible (yahoo Group, have downloaded just the vase)

Pic 12.


Plants 4ESF
Waterfall Macarossi MTS2
Plant PotsBirgit43 TSR
White FenceSimbella-Lynn Fences (Thanks to Damaskwallpaper for uploading these!)

Pic 13.


Hanging Glasses Peggyzone
TVSimCredibleDesigns  Thanks to MustLuvCatz for the find!
Senseo ExpressomakerBirgit43 TSR Or with cups
Bench – (could be) Murano TSR (I dont think it is, as this bench has a rail on it, Muranos does not) Another Bench that could be usedJonesi’s HalfWallShelf (no pics sorry but really is great, is found in build/half walls.) Also Sims2play balance counter could work good too, and Ta539’s but I personaly think the counter from Babbyebe Sims on page 47 would work best!
Martini BottlesMarilu TSR
Flowers Tulips – AnoeskaB TSR “Mesh” & Recol
StoolsBBSims page 52
Hanging Lamps – ?

Pic 14.


Herb/plant, eggs & BookSimgedoehns
Egg SlicerStylistSims
Dogfood & Can OpenerBirgit43 TSR
Kitchen tools in black holderShino/KCR TSR
Bowl with Salads Shino/KCR TSR
Counters(looks like they can be these) – SimGedohns Kitchen 4

Pic 15.


KitchenSimgedoehns includes wall deco under cupboard above stove!
Spice Pots/Jars – Simgedoehns … See above link!
Oil bottlesPadre333 TSR
StoveSimtomatic MTS2
Columns & top capping – Could be StylistSims
Strainer with lettuceShino/KCR TSR “Mesh” & Silver Recols
Large PotShino/KCR TSR “Mesh” & Silver Recol
KettleStylistSims or could use Buggys 
Ceiling Block – (looks likes) ta539 MTS2 maybe these also Ailias MTS2 or even the ones from StylistSims
Red ScalesBBSims Page 29

Pic 16.


Black DoorSteffor TSR or you can use MangoSims Tom Set (black recol in set)
Books on sideboardSimplyStyling Bedroom8
Books with strap – Wallsims Geneva Study, cannot find this set anywhere, have looked in Simscave, The Booty and The Graveyard
SideboardMurano TSR “Mesh” & White Recol
Light brown doorSimgedohns Yang Bedroom
Cactur Plant (on book)Simply Styling
Slippers – Sunair TSR “Mesh” & Green Recol
Taller plant with the “O” vase Birgit43 TSR
2 Brown vase’s in corner – Simbella donation gifts Simscave Modern Living set
2 boxes – Mirake TSR Mesh & Recols
2 Vases (Blue/Grey) – MangoSims Oman Set

Mirror – Clearly this is an older one, but Verankas would also work

Pic 17.


TV ScreenEddie19913 MTS2
Chair/SeatSimscave (Mesh) White Recolour (Thanks to Mimi for the find!)
DVD System caddy/trolley/standPeggyzone
Sub speaker (in front) – Peggyzone, as above

Lamp ?

Cubby and books Teko (thanks damaskwallpaper for the find!)

Candles ?

Pic 18.


Fishbowl Birgit43 TSR
Stack boxes – PVP Dorien Deco Gift to Bella SimsCave
Laundry Washer & Dryer – Padre333 TSR
….. Washing Maching “Mesh” & White Recol
….. Dryer “Mesh” & White Recol
WindowTiggy MTS2
Wire Trolley/CartSims In Paris Bthroom3
Clothes hanger/airerMangoSims PML
Laundry BasketPadre333 TSR
Wall wire basket Wall Sims
Glass BowlReflexSims – Main site
Iron & Ironing boardeXpreSims (Download button works it will take you to ‘302 response crawl time, just wait a few seconds and it downloads all by itself!)
Herb/Potted plantMira (mirake) TSR
Plants on washerSimply Styling
Blue box packages (on washer) – CashCraft TSR Mesh & Recol
Blue detergent bottle & pink towels – could only find in a house download, so have added it sfs. Simplan-x
Tin watering canShino/KCR TSR Thanks to celebkiriedhel for hunting this one down!
Red Daisy/vase (top shelf)WellDressedSims And thanks again to celebkiriedhel for hunting this one down, packaging filing it up and sharing!
Stool and White recol- Doriens Gift to DayDreams Forum. 
Big potted plantMirake aka Mira TSR
Laundry Soap – Not sure of this one, but can always use any of the two from ATS, from zx_ta,  from marilu, or anywhere else that has some, heaps about!

Ladder with towels RaonSims

Pic 19.


Bed & Endtable – Eero MyrBacka SimsCave
Sliding DoorSimgedohns Yang Bedroom
Ceiling Lamp – Eero CNC Living SimsCave
MirrorEllaSims2 Kare Living
Hand bag with black & white shawlSimSecrets CityLiving
Floor PillowsSteffor TSR
Slippers – Sunair TSR “Mesh” & Green Recol
Inceiling spot lights -(Take the date back at the top to any of the dates before 2016 and then click on the file name to DL) China Fan Sims
White shawl/blanket (on bench) – WallSims

Pic 20.



Chair, Dresser, plant/vases & Picture frame deco (on table) – Eero MyrBacka SimsCave
Floor lamp – Eero Remsen Living SimsCave
Flower on DresserBirgit43 TSR
Curtains – Simtomatic TSR
….. Mesh
….. Black&White Pattern Recol
….. Black Curtain Mesh(L)
….. Mesh(R)
….. Recol
Table – Shino/KCR TSR Mesh & Recol
Wall PaintingSims2Play
Floor PiccieMangoSims Chouchou Set & Recol?

Pic 21.


Waste basket Murano TSR
Brown column & ceiling beam Stylist Sims
Shelves – BitzyBus TSR – Working Wall Shelves System “Meshes” & Black Recols
BagPadre333 TSR
ChairStylistSims Last pic! Recol? No idea!
Table/Desk – FS_GI PVP SimsCave Black recol? No idea!
Paper ScrollsWallSims

Pic 22.


Walkin Wardrobe Bedroom Mesh SetSimtomatic TSR
Ceiling lamp & Table deco (plates & cups) – PVP FS_GI Amelia Dining SimsCave
Bag 1 (on floor, infront) – GlamorousLounge
Bag 2 (on floor, behind) – WallSims
Floor rug/matWallSims

Pic 23.


BathMurano TSR
RocksJonesi’s @ RSF Designer Inc – London Space
Bath decoPadre333 TSR
Groundcover/Little plantsSimenapule
Tree’s – ‘Lollipop’ tree is maxis, not sure on the rest, possibly 4esf, Kativip, maybe even SimplyStyling 

Pic 24.


White & Black VasesSimply Styling
White Vase (small) – Simply Styling
Toilet & Bidet – Birgit TSR
Chair and Sheepskin – ?

Pic 25.


Ceiling DecoSims in Paris Bedroom6
BathSims in Paris Bathroom 4
Rose Petals – DOT TSR “Mesh” & Pink Recol
Basin/Sink/VanityMurano TSR
Bottles (on top shelf) – Steffor TSR
Shelf Fat D Design Kit MTS2
Folded towel w/ deco (near bath) – Birgit43 TSR
Wall IvyChinaFanSims
Candles pink&white (on windowsill/step) Simply Styling
2 small plantsSimply Styling
Jars in floor basketSimply Styling Jope Bathroom 1
ShellShino/KCR TSR
BlindsSimtomatic TSR
Vase/CallaSunair TSR
White steps (near window) – ChinaFanSims
Vase & Daisies (on windowsill/step) – Peggyzone Special Gift, Dec 2005
Flower (boxed glass under sink) – Peggyzone Special Gift, Dec 2005
Hanging Brown TowelWallSims
Wall MirrorReflexsims (mainsite) Bathrooms pg 2 > Roma Set

Pic 26.


Bath scales – Windkeeper TSR “Mesh” & Recol
Towel rackBirgit43 TSR
Cupabord Steffor TSR
MirrorBoblishman MTS2
SlippersRaonSims Bedroom 1
Tissue box – Windkeeper TSR “Mesh” & Recol
Vase (behind tissue) – Chrissy1 Reflex sims, Antigue Conservatory, can’t find, have found the set converted to TS4, have asked if they have TS2 meshes.
BooksSimply Styling Bedroom8

Pic 27.


White box (under the sidetable) – Wallsims
Shelf above bed – Modernsims can’t find
Stand with scrollsSims 2 Heaven
BlanketLex PVP (Mesh and some Recols, no idea if this particular recolour is included)
Bedchest – Angela @RSF Designer Inc (Can’t Find)
BedLinegud TSR
Red RosesHelga Sims
Curtain Sheer – Simtomatic TSR Mesh & White Recol
Curtains BeigeSimtomatic TSR
Pillows – Bella PVP Simscave Linder set
Books – Bella PVP Simscave Lynns Birthday Gift To Bella (Link is dead, anyone have it?)
TeddyBear – Sim2Sisters TSR Mesh & Recol’s
SidetableSteffor Avalon

Pic 28.


Mira’s Shop ShelvesMirake TSR & Recols Hunii RSF (Can’t Find)
Bag (black&white) – KCR PVP Sims Cave
White boxesMango Sims Opium set
White doors Mango Sims Tom set
Bag deco (2nd shelf)
….. Mira TSR
….. Moune’s
….. BabyAisha MTS2
Purple BoaSteffor TSR
Bunny Peggyzone
Blue boxes – Jennifer RSF (Cant find)
Wicker box (top shelf) – Mango Sims Chouchou Set
Hanging clothes – Miras Shop SimsCave & Recol
Floor Mirror – Sunair TSR Mesh & White recol

Pic 29.


Bag (on floor) – Steffor TSR
Pink dress (hanging) – Simply styling
Red Shag Floor RugWellDressedSims link provided by VenusInArms, thankyou. Could also use this one from HugeLunatic

Pic 30.


StoolSims in Paris Kitchen4
Mirror (on table) – Boblishman MTS2
Beauty productsSims Design Ave.
Table Shelves – BitzyBus TSR – Working Wall Shelves System “Meshes” & White Recol
Tissue Box – Windkeeper TSR “Mesh” & Recol
Little draws (on table) – Simply Styling
3 Pictures (on red wall) – Sasilia TSR
White Crate w/ long scrollsWallsims
Flowers on table benchHabitat43
Dress on stoolSteffor Avalon – White recol ?
Curtain – Simtomatic TSR – Same as Pic 27
Floor paintings – Bella PVP Simscave Lynns Birthday Gift To Bella (Link is dead, anyone have it?)
Slippers – PVP Simbella Gift Can’t find
Pencil tray (this maybe not be the right one, but it works!) – Steffor TSR
Teddy on shelfBlacky’s

Pic 31.


Bamboo (glass vase) – Wallsims
Blue & 2 white vases – Bella PVP Simscave Lynns Birthday Gift To Bella (Link is dead, anyone have it
Floor paintings – Bella PVP Simscave Lynns Birthday Gift To Bella (Link is dead, anyone have it?)
Plant in white pot – Bella PVP Simscave (Thanks to Fler, for hunting out the link)

Pic 32.


Shelving Unit – Eero Remsen Living SimsCave
Pink flowers – Eero PVP Trompet Miniset Simscave (another broken link *sigh*)
2 plants (black & white vase) – Bella PVP Simscave Moroso Bedroom (Link is dead, anyone have it?)
White steps (near window) – ChinaFanSims
Red floor lamp – PVP FS_GI Damask Livingroom SimsCave
Black chair StylistSims 6 pic down!
Floor clutterSIMcredible

Pic 33.


Posters DOT TSR
Glass boxes Steffor TSR
Jersey Shirt, hanging blue shirt/towel & sneakersStylist Sims
Flowers on endtableHabitat43
SkateboardBlakeBoy MST2
White (closet) doorSteffor Avalon
White box (in closet) – Mango Sims Opium set
Bag/Backpack (in closet) – EarthGoddess54 TSR
Blanket & Bed Pillow – Bella PVP Simscave
Hanging clothes BB Sims Pages 26 & 27
End tableWallSims
Book (could be) – MangoSims Horus set
Ceiling lampsPVP Simscave {Somewhere here!}
Bench (end of bed) – FS_GI PVP  SimsCaveWhite Recol Mira’s
Shelving in closetMira’s Shop ShelvesMirake TSR
White box/create (in closet) – Mira TSR & White recol Linasometimes TSR
Draw (under bed) – 4ESF

Pic 34.

3497a4j (1)

Music paper with mic – Maxis
Licence PlateExnem’s Sims Forum
Black floor cushionHabitat43
2 black boxes (top shelf) – Steffor TSR
ComputerStylist Sims Madrid Teenroom
Pencil clutter #1Birgit43 TSR
Pencil clutter #2 – Shino/KCR TSR
Orange JuiceSimSecrets
3 Files (under desk) – SimGedohns
Green/Yellow file (on desk) – SimGedohns
Curtains – Birgit43 TSR Mesh Recol? No idea! But heres some others
Plate & cookiesStylistSims 1st pic!
Wall pencil caddiesXM Sims (Donation, couldn’t find a free link!!!)
Books – There are lots around – google ‘books sims 2’ and hit images, ahhhh the cluttery goodness!
Magazine (on desk) – XM Sims
Desk StylistSims
Waste binBirgit43 TSR Or Mango Sims Nestor Set.
IpodToddfx TSR
BookCaseStylistSims last set
Speaker/SubwoferSim-vention thought it would be in with this lot but dosnt seem to be, anyone have it?
Skate boardOgularama

Pic 35.


Candle Orbs Sunair TSR
Slippers (blue strip) – Sunair TSR
Flip Flops (black) – WallSims
White slippersStylist Sims
Chair – WallSims Canto Set (free) only set I cant find!!





31 thoughts on “Redoing Curios Directory, House 1

  1. I know this was a tedious and time consuming project. Just wanted to say thanks, because as much cc I thought I had downloaded, I now have found new places to scour looking for game content. Really appreciate the work you did here. Thank you for resurrecting this build.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2 Years ago I got obsessed with all their houses and got so angry that I couldn’t download them that I built House 1 from scratch using only the pictures to work from. It is actually the 1st thing I ever posted on my tumblr page in June 2015.

    I since then managed to download a whole lot of their houses partly furnished so do have a lot of the missing items needed here.

    I will send a link with everything in as soon as I have it all together. I had to reinstall all their houses to find it all.


  3. Sorry for the late reply been busy like a beaver. I have sent you an e-mail with 12 links to the stuff you are short here and 2 additional pictures of the front of this house. I am going to put all the missing cc into this house and then package it and post a link. Hopefully I won’t get sued for doing it. Just finishing a lot for my Tumblr account then this will get my full attention.


  4. HappySoul the walls used in the front of the house are by 4ESF Bedroom 8. There are 2 Black Wood Panels, one used on the fence in the front and 2 side walls by driveway and the other one on the one side of the house. The brown wood wall of the house is by Rensim and its called Wood Panels Dark.


  5. Mimi

    Hello! Pic 17 white recolor of Bella’s chair can be found at Simscave. The route to it is following: TS2 Sharing Area > Simbella > Forum Gifts > Forum Gift Bella Forum Chair by Birgit 🙂


    • Sorry hun, been over a month you posted this and I have yet to respond! Last three months have been totally crazy in my neck of the woods! Looking forward to seeing your redo on curios house! 🙂


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