Back to the Future Part II



As promised, here is the follow on to my recent post taking us back to the beginnings of CC for Sims 2, old dosnt always means outdated!

In recent years I’ve found Sims Cave is a fantastic place to locate old downloads, sadly the links dont always work but usually theres a picture so you can start a wcif from that! What I’ve found first is this really cool looking bed made by Sims2luxe, I dont know the poly count on this stuff, it maybe high so download with caution!



From Coco Sims is some really great gym equipment.



From Longone we have some build items – Glass roofs! Says theres more than whats pictured.



Heres something I never knew, there was an original Eponymous Garden from Parsimonious, looks like some different plants to what there is now.



From Yuppie sims is this really cute loft bedroom set, sorry about the teeny tiny thumb nail pic, was all I could find!


This has a Master File which is the loft bed so make sure you get that for the rest to work!


Going through (one) of my flash drives I came across a few goodies that I forgot I had! From Ney at BPS was these two really pretty sets, they’re not that old, I dont think but I dont know if they’re uploaded anywhere else. I’ve included both sets in the one zip file.

Daily System

[Ney21]-Daily System

Marc and Daisy



Two old Downloads from 8-3 Studios that can be hard to come by is the super cute Vacuum Cleaners



And Kimono Dolls

Download is here.


From Jeanie are some nice looking tables



One of my most favourite deco downloads is these Statues by Pas, they just ooze sophistication! Showing a 2-4 conversion picture as I cant seem to locate one for TS2. Download is correct game though!



I love these candle chandeliers by jhd1189 to match the maxis wall chandeliers



One download I love that you wouldnt think is super handy is Khakidoos 2 Chains and a bar! I love using these chains to suspend lights for a hanging look, Ive also used them to suspend bikes upside down (using omsps) great idea for a bike shop or to save room in a garage!



And another great oldie from Khakidoo is the drawer crib, for your more poorer sims!



And from Klinny is a new Pet (new in 2007!), a one eyed plant creature! You can feed it pat it talk to it, might be a great pet for plant sims!


Lastly, for this post another old favourite is Rgdy Annes YaDero Ballet Figureines. Use them sparingly, they are high poly, but so worth it! Upload courtesy of Huge Lunatic.



And this it for this post, Im sure I’ll be back for a third!



4 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part II

  1. How do you find all this stuff?? So many great items I had no idea existed, until now (how sweet is that dresser?!). THANK YOU – and please pay no heed to the dark glares you’re getting from my Downloads folder. 😉


  2. Hahaha Nix my downloads folder constantly glares at me, so one more won’t hurt! I tend to like looking for cc more than playing the game, will be building or playing and think of something I HAVE to have to compliment what I’m making so will go on a hunt that turns out to take all night and while I’m hunting others things will pop up then have to follow a trail to find that, it’s just a vicious cycle, but an enjoyable one! I also have a few rather full flash drives of old and extinct/lost/hard to find stuff did have a hard drive full but kids were fighting one day and knocked it off and that was the end of that, dam kids! And I love that dresser too what it’s lacking is recolours, hmm cc hunt hat going on…. 😉


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