Navigating the depths of Blacky Sims Zoo


Ive had a couple of people say they have trouble wth Blacky Sims and how hard it is to navigate, I know I spent quite a long time working it out! So here’s a quick guide to how I get it to work!

  1. First off to download from here you need an account. So hit register (if you are using google chrome the site ‘should’ automatically translate, if you are using something else right click anywhere on the page and choose ‘translate’) Untitled
  2. Once you’ve registered if I remember correctly you will need to wait for an activation email, be paitent, it may take a minute, it may take a few hours! Click the email activation and it will take you back to the site and you ‘should’ be now logged in.
  3. To download again look to the left and choose the game you want to download for.Untitled
  4. I only play sims 2 so thats what Im basing this on. Once I’ve chosen sims 2 it brings me to a new page and at the top right there is a box. Hit the arrow on the all catergories box and it will bring up lots of optionsUntitled
  5. Choose what you want to look at and then hit ‘Lot’. So here I chose New Meshes S2. Untitled
  6. Now here you can either just scroll and look at all the cool stuff, or you can choose another catergory. Im going to look at decoration.Untitled
  7. Two ways to download (make sure you are logged in as it will take you back to a log in page and once you’ve logged in it redirects you back to the front page!!) You can either look at the item think ‘I like that and hit the download to the right Untitled.png
  8. Or you can either click the title or the details buttons to get some more info on the item and then hit the save button to downloadUntitledUntitledAnd thats it, hope that helps some people! Happy downloading, Blackys really has some treasures, its a shame if you dont delve in and have a good look through!

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