Back to the Future!



I was looking for something (walls I think it was) and I came across some really old, old downloads, but really cool ones, ones Id either seen a loooooong time ago and then forgot about, or had never seen at all! So heres my finds! (and again, theres not many items in the way of building, so sorry!)

From netmicro, way back in 2006 (THATS 10 YEARS AGO PEOPLE!!!!) theres this amazing Oil Burner with really cool animations!


Also from netmicro in 2007 is The decoration Transformer. You want to place an alarm clock on a coffee table but cant, well pop it on the transformer, pick up the transformer, put it back down, when it turns green means item is transformed and can now place on a coffee table! Genius!!!



And one more from netmicro is Fish anywaywhere, from a dock, from your roof anywhere!!

MTS_netmicro-522669-ifp_ss_titleMTS_netmicro-522671-ifp_ss_livefeatures1 (1)MTS_netmicro-522671-ifp_ss_livefeatures1


Heres a building item! These modular stairs from 2007 by Svealyn perfect for bridges, docks, treehouses!



From 2008 heres some maxis match ramps by black garden



While digging I came across the name ‘simtech2’ attached to garage downloads, stuff that would make up really good garage lots, so I dug some more, and first came up with a bunch of dead links and no pics, so I dug even deeper and I came across a WHOLE media fire folder chocca block full of pics AND downloads! Heres a few pics


A ton of more stuff in there!


So that ‘little’ folder, it comes in a BIIIIIIG folder!! Heres a small taste of what is there.

And heres the whole file, ALOT to go through!


From Solfal back in 2008, theres this climbing wall for kids, it helps with body and fun.



And Nanu in 2007 made a baby room, and I love the doll house!



Maylin made this really cute crib in 2006, seriously how have I not seen this!!



Theres also a Changing table to go with it (I think this is something that would look great as a 1 tile hint hint anyone!)



And also a potty



One of my fave high chairs is this one from Samekh made in 2005



I actually have a heap of recolours for this Im wondering if it was made repsitory to the crib somewhere, as Im sure they are the same colours as the crib. I have no clues as to where I got them, Ive spent about 10 mins looking, and as its getting close to midnight Im giving up on that search for now.

I got onto baby stuff as there was once long ago a site that had some really great kids stuff, and I dont remember what site it was, and to be honest what they had hahaha!! But I know I loved it, Im pretty sure there was some plastic pools in there, with roofs, thats the extent of my memory, (getting so old!)

So its getting late, but by no means am I finished on this blast from the past hunt, all thats left to say is……..



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