Exciting things before Christmas!


I’ve been waiting awhile to do this post, as I’ve been watching a fantastic work in progress and didnt want to do an update until it was finished!

And here it is by Talja, an amazing conversion of Marcas sims roman facade set.

DOWNLOAD (reply #20)

Also by Talja fullfulling another fantastic building request is this shipping container object set, also converted from marcus sims


DOWNLOAD (reply #5)

Now this one is an oldie, and I have downloaded ALOT of Macarossi’s items in my time playing the Sims, but I had never come across is beautiful window and door set. So for those ignorant of it like me here it is!

MTS_macarossi-306767-BeigeMTS_macarossi-306768-Black2 (1)


And then is an updated window as well



Not building objects but as I love my clutter heres a great camping clutter set from Bluehaven sims

Camping Clutter Title Card


Heres some pretty plaster walls from Avelexi



Also not build items (well sorta is I suppose, it goes on a wall!) lvstndhrt has created so many wallstickers! I mean theres HEAPS! Go check them all out!! Showing just a few here.



From Goatsattic heres some building level numbers, perfect for parking gargaes!



To hold all that clutter I love is these cute hallway cabinets from Sims2 furniture store



Wanting to try something new in your building? Then heres this easy tutorial from Anne (TriciaManly) on sloped windows, check it out!


And from Vimpse, a how to on building a smaller, flatter beach lot

Fun in the sun

Also from vimpse is her wcif page, swimming with oodles of goodies just waiting to be found!

I love wcifs

I was enlightened to this awesome little database the other day. Most files that can be found of TS1-TS2 conversions.

Ahhhh Nostalgia

If you have things annoying you in your game heres a list of some must have hacks and where to download them.

Fix the annoyances

And lastly here’s a little list of some funny facts that can happen ingame, as Im more a builder than a player, half this stuff I didnt know could actually happen!

Having a laugh

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Christmas!

Copy of cmas




2 thoughts on “Exciting things before Christmas!

  1. Ooh, so many goodies! I’m not on my simming ‘puter right now, or I’d download the lot. 🙂 I think my favourite is the wall stickers, I’m always looking for things like that for my Simlets’ rooms especially.

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! ❤

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