Some amazing finds


Lately Im only posting when I find something that really takes my breath away. And I just love these!!

Sadepaivas Sims has converted these curved/wonky trees from Lunasims (you must check out Lunasims Fantasy set, I do hope the whole thing will be converted its amazing!!)

tumblr_nlb6bvXCmJ1sjywk1o1_1280 tumblr_nlb6bvXCmJ1sjywk1o2_1280 tumblr_nlb6bvXCmJ1sjywk1o3_540 (1)


And some more of that elven set has indeed been converted by Sadepaiva, all these amazing downloads that I wish I had found when I was building my treehouse! I might have to do another!

tumblr_nmam6t3WGj1sjywk1o1_540 tumblr_nmam6t3WGj1sjywk1o4_540


Also from Sadepaivas Sims, a garden set converted from Helen SIms



Make sure you go and check out all of Sadepaivas stuff, its amazing!

So I just stumbled across this great little find from Nix and Shasta, I love when two fantasic creators collaborate together, and then somthing like this is born out of it!

We have an all in one outhouse, pop over have a read and push that download button (you know you want to!)



I found some nice block fencing from Simenapule

blockglassbeige blockglassgold blockglassgreen glassblockblue


Michelle has cloned/recoloured Stonetowers Fallingwater fence

MTS_Michelle-1557010-1 MTS_Michelle-1557011-2


And shes also made a half fence of the maxis Patrician wall.



Nysha has made Diagonals to go with Amovitams Bungalow Windows

MTS_Nysha-1543734-one-tile MTS_Nysha-1543735-one-tile-adjacent MTS_Nysha-1543736-three-tile


Freezerbunny Sims has some nice beach deco perfect for beach lots we all seem to love!



And last but not least i stumbled across these recolours of 11 Dots Fence set, I love this set so its nice to see some recolours!



Everyone have a lovely day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Some amazing finds

  1. Thanks for the feature (again)! Shasta and I had so much fun making that thing – and she was the best beta tester, too. A match made in heaven! :mrgreen:

    Lots of other goodies in here as well! 🙂 (My Downloads folder doesn’t like you very much, because I always go on a dowload spree after reading your posts.) I love that glass block fencing! I have something similar from… I think DH Sims, that I use a lot, but I like these even better. 😀

    Sleep tight!


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