Just a medley


A few goodies Ive found lately

These awesome vines that wrap around columns from youngcardinalsyoungbloods



Keoni also has made recolours of Mistyfluffs lovely ivy covered column



Tristans Sims has converted some carpets and lino from TS4




Donnhas Sims has converted some wall and floor tiles and also made some other lovely walls.

4to2-groundedtile 4to2queensprivy thecalientes_set1 theoldies_set1


Julsfels has converted some beautiful trees, plants and rocks from TS4



For some reason i always forget about Fairy Forest. i love their stuff its so well made and just lovely to look at so I dont know why I forget it!! This Metropolitan build set is just amazing and needs to be seen to be believed! Here is the list of all that it has!!

20 Doors with Slots for Deco (see below at the Notes)
5 one tile
5 one tile in the middle of two tiles
10 two tiles

77 Windows
11 one tile
11 one tile in the middle of two tiles
11 two tiles
44 Endless Windows in two versions

7 Arches
1 one tile
1 one tile in the middle of two tiles
2 two tiles
3 Endless Arches in two versions

48 Deco Elements
15 Corner Elements for Endless Windows, 90 degrees
15 Corner Elements for Endless Windows, 45 degrees
3 Frame Additions for doors and windows
15 Overlays for doors and windows

39 Recolors Frames
128 Recolors Glass
245 Recolors Deco Elements

It has 7 pages dedicated to this one set!!!!!

Now check out just a few of the amazing pics!


k-01 metro-b02 eck04

Now go and download it, you know you want to!!


I love finding old gems and these are just beautiful. Bay windows from Domicile

all together 2 named rec4b


Another amazing creation from MustLuvCatz, privacy film for windows! Again another form a few years ago that Ive never seen!



Heres some stunning spiral stairs from PrincessBliss Sims



Also From Princess Bliss a treehouse Door Window and stair, now why couldnt I have found this when I built my treehouse!!!

tumblr_mx430jN7ku1ssltd1o1_500 tumblr_mx430jN7ku1ssltd1o2_500 (1)


Thats about it from me tonight, the DH has fallen asleep on the couch, so will go move his ass and get him into bed, else he’ll be there all night!

Have a great day/night everyone, and remember its bourbon o’clock somewhere in the world, have one for me! 😀


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