Stuff that I’ve seen


So, once again have been scouring the net for some new awesome items and am pleased to share my finds with you!

This MUST be at the top of my list, it just blows me away how amazing this set is! Ray went above and beyond in fulfilling a request at BPS and not only did he create a fantastic build your own patio awning, but then went on to make all the furniture and plants, and an outdoor fire, and goodness knows what else to match the picture the request came from! If thats not dedication I dont know what is!

Patio Set Main Patio Set Modular Patio Roof


Next is this wonderful decorative railing from chiaroscuroA wee while back I was trying to find something like this and failed! Then, as usual, I’m looking for something else and this pops up! I was so excited as theres many times I want to use a certain stair and it really needs a rail to finish it off but the rail that comes with the stair looks awful, so this is just fabulous!



Again while I was looking for something else, I came across these windows by thunderwitch at Blacky Sims (you have to register to download, if German is not your first language best to translate to try and get round the site!)



Also a recolour by Joschi



I found something that might interest storytellers, and contest decorators. Sadepaivas Sim has created some fly away leaves as deco, thought it would be great for an Autumn look!



I recalled another of those amazing sets that Kativip comes up with, this one has some lovely windows, doors and gates, great for a medieval look or for a Church, plus has ivy, logs and fire effects amongst other stuff, well worth a look, if not a download!

9d8f0dfe7683 1508dfe604a8 b11bf445b129


Something I really never knew I needed but now realise I do is some Grass Floor Tiles. This ingenious creation is from Pink Rabbit and Mackats Pixel.



Im always on the lookout for nice, classy looking walls, and Awesomes have some really nice Art Deco ones.



Columner Made some lovely recolours of Mavines stairs in Icads woods.



Lastly I love wcif resources, (obviously since I created my own!) My most favourite is by far  ano2uks  this is such a great resource for clutter, lots and lots and lots of clutter, and whats even better is you get to the bottom of the page thinking ‘wow thats just awesome’ then you realise if you click the ‘previous 25’ button, theres more! Now once you have cluttered yourself out, head over to another resource I found recently, Jodieliejodilie. Not only is there more clutter, and believe it or not some not at Anos, but theres resources for all catergories in buy and in build! its wonderful, my husband asked why I kept squeeling in delight every few seconds and when I told him his comment was, **sigh** ‘there goes this months bandwidth!’ He would be correct!!

And speaking of the husband, I am now going to go quietly extract the remote off him while he is sleeping on the couch and sit down and watch Jamie  Outlander, I mean Outlander!

Have a great week everyone!

Tiff 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stuff that I’ve seen

  1. Florence

    Hey Tiff! The link to the Macthekat grass just links to the image… could you pretty please fix it? I would love to download it! Thank you for the site 😀


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