5 Pastel Way


Another house to share today

This is 5 Pastel Way. I built this about 2 years ago and have made it a lot nicer!

Sims22014-10-1720-23-43-09 Sims22014-10-1720-24-38-72 Sims22014-10-1720-25-01-89

This house has a little basement, which I made into a bar area.

Sims22014-10-1720-26-25-68 Sims22014-10-1720-27-28-74

Ammenities on the first floor
One bathroom
One Bedroom

Sims22014-10-1720-33-34-40 Sims22014-10-1720-32-41-66 Sims22014-10-1720-32-26-37 Sims22014-10-1720-32-03-90 Sims22014-10-1720-31-26-01 Sims22014-10-1720-31-11-82 Sims22014-10-1720-30-38-63

Ammenities on the Second Floor
Three bedrooms
One bathroom

Sims22014-10-1720-38-01-38 Sims22014-10-1720-37-44-78 Sims22014-10-1720-37-07-53

CC included
Spiral stairs by Marvine

CC shown but not included
Popcorn ceiling tiles – Hysterical Paroxsym
Default white roof trim – Phanoah

Games Required: Basegame
Size: 3×2
Price: §121,084


Hope you enjoy! I love reading messages, feel free to clog me up with some! 😉


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