The Modern Man


This is my entry house for last months From the ground up contest at BPS. Be warned that is it fully cc loaded, its so loaded theres cc inside cc! (not really but almost!) There are some items you will have to download and install BEFORE installing the lot, some items are a definate must, others are just deco peices you dont really need, will leave it up to individual people to determine what they want and dont want:

Must Haves

Reflective floor by Murano

Rowan build set by Lirunchik

Lo Set by Veranka

Stepping Stones Sarah Rose

Crates single bed by hafiseazale

Gaby Kitchen Table by Caravan Shop/Design Sims 2

BB Nook master Mesh by Buggy

Items that are just deco

Milk carton from this set by Aikea Guinea

Front door Mat (number 1 – “oh no, not you again!’) calipip Sims

4-2 Plants by Veranka

Card Tower by Nixy

Hand carved tile paintings by Nathaniel Royale

Also included in the download is some of my own recolours for either the grilled cheese poster or the grape one, sorry cant remember which!

That should avoid any flashing blue, if its all installed BEFORE the lot is installed!

Just a note, the reflective floor is in the pool, just to give it a nice blue look, you may want to take it out to have sims swim. Also the little pool on the upstairs patio may or may not work, if it works, it may or may not glitch, you might want to just keep that one as deco!!

The other thing with this lot is it is a contest lot, some/alot of items will not be usuable as I didnt make it to be.

You will need all eps/sps to play this

Onto pics

zwcmzv2a.fpc zo2e1ytp.agx io421sni.uny eouw0qjp.srf 2swlhkod.pb4

afhdzqy2.0qxxarykdks.mgw 2ll1phy1.f5e


v0tudawg.rxs a2h030g4.hr0

wwoavict.2dj dtln4ogi.trl 4uce52fy.ej2 02irrca4.mdg 0oppqeea.btkkxbhr5d4.5s0

mfhxokjp.3lq lgjxc2zk.bzb yugoz3qn.mo4

artfukid.yif zd1vjj1k.yze l3w4jtms.2m0


Panic Room

mahodi5c.14b cn3q2ede.uhv awzqhqdk.15w


Thankyou to each and every wonderful creator whose cc I have used, couldnt have done it without you!

Any problems pleade let me know!


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