Default replacement for building items


Alot of the items maxis includes are just plain ugly, and that goes for build items as well. Luckily we have some very talented creators who have made defaults to cover up the maxis fug!

Remember, with any default replacement you can only have one to replace an item in your game, some downloads show different coloured options for one thing, but you can only install one of those options to replace it.

Starting with Phaenoh, we have a lovely white roof trim, this seems to brighten up any house!



From Maranatah there is a replacement of the ugly brown edge of the walls



Theres quite a few replacements of the ceiling build edge, some from fairy forest (remember to only pick one!)

flooredge01 flooredge02 flooredge03 flooredge16

plus many more!


Some from Mootilda



One from Physcosim plus a default wall that has a number scale, very handy when using CFE!




Halfiesezale has an AMAZING default lot, doors, windows, stairs, columns, half walls! Te whole post is a must see, only showing a few things, but maybe grab a cuppa and have a good read through!

ALOldWorld BGDoors2 Columns Fences HalfWalls StrairCases


Another default for the endless winding staircase and the uprite value column by current pot pie (among a heap of object defaults!)




Slig has defaults for awnings and doors

j7OVemnUAfaeP jDzvCAE26sEms jjb5ZiWV3aCYV

that ugly glass fence and gate which now looks nice


and those big fat round columns



Slig also has other defaults as shown here

j6qOgdr1YaIIx jCwK8Y3efSC9z jdbjCciF9pOCf jkB7CXqojHnPU

jbsEn1fJ2JtfKa jRggrN8sPyarP


Nathaniel has some h&m wall and floor defaults

2cgn3x2 23r68on

and some seasons doors and windows

tumblr_nbc407nLRt1s57o4ho1_500 tumblr_nbc407nLRt1s57o4ho2_500 tumblr_nbc407nLRt1s57o4ho3_500


Celebkiriedhel as default replacements of BG doors

Door-BG-Value-4-DEFAULT-KAF Door-BG-Walnut-5-DEFAULT-KAF


Im sure there is a TON more out there, but thats just a start! Please please remember only one default of any one item at a time can be installed into your game, a good idea is to note down when you download something what item you have a default for, where you got it, and also the name of the original item, that way if you see another you like better then you can easily find the first and delete before putting the new one in.

Take care all

Tiff 🙂


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