You dont make the flag on my mailbox go up anymore!


Does everyone on your street have the exact same mailbox?

And does everyone on your street have the exact same rubbish bin as you, sitting out on the Berm for all days?

Her in NZ we do actually all have the same rubbish bin, but they only go out to the berms on rubbish or recycling day. We have a red bin for rubbish, a green bin for echo and a yellow bin for recycling!

So since in your life you dont have the same mailbox as Joe Bloggs next door, I have found some alternatives to dare your sims to be different! Also some other rubbish bin options!

Will also be looking at some community phones as well, since that thing is rather fugly!

From cmomoney, we have a brick coverup, just pop over the current boring mailbox and viola!



From Michelle we have some lovely decorative mailbox posts, these have invisible recolours of the game mailbox so you dont need to delete the mailbox.



Windkeeper has a nice mailbox cover, comes with a shelf to pop the mail on



Rebeccah has created a mailbox for medieval and fantasy players – a tree stump! As you would have to delete the maxis mailbox for this one then I suggest you back up your game first, just in case! Also you can only have one global mailbox in your game at a time, otherwise you could bork it up.



Crocobaura made a simrock mailbox and trashcan to go with the flintstones set. Think these would also work for a hobbit house 😉



Parsimonious has some vintage mailbox covers and community phone covers.

k8-Vintage_Coveralls-Mailbox_Cover_Original k8-Vintage_Coveralls-Pay_Phone_Cover_Original


HugeLunatic as taken away all the yucky looking blue pokey out stuff from the phone and just left it plain.



And Maylin has hidden it in this awesome British phone booth!



Nicvncnt made a whole new fully functional phone booth



Slig made this default community phone



Rebeccah made a more modern rubbish bin



And for those medieval players she has also made a barrel bin



Slig has also made a bin by misty fluff into a default community bin



And I find the best object yet is Ye old Coopers Barrell by Sophie david, theres so much you can do with this it blows me away, go read carefully!

MTS_Sophie-David-1178310-sdAparrtmentBills MTS_Sophie-David-1178315-sdTrashBarrelComparison MTS_Sophie-David-1178316-sdTrashBarrelWithBill


And thats it, as I am about to melt, its so hot so am packing a picnic lunch and heading to the pool!

Happy Simming! 🙂


Retro modern house up for grabs


Have a house for download today. It was a participation prize at BPS last year time for release now.

Pretty self explanatory.

Split level
Open kitchen/dining
2 Bedrooms
1 and half bathroom

Upstairs is pretty generic with bare walls, two reasons – 1. Its the base game, only so much you can do before you start repeating objects! 2. I think bedrooms are pretty personal and the downloader tends to especially like to make those areas their own.

Sorry about the ‘funny’ lighting in some parts, its a split level using cfe to make it so, unfortunately nothing I can do to fix it.

Lot Size: 3×2
Lot Price (furnished): 82,485

BaseGame and no CC

And thats all!


Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-00-01-92 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-00-22-25 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-02-57-56 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-03-24-14 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-03-49-13 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-04-24-08 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-05-32-23 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-05-59-01 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-06-29-96 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-06-53-62 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-07-16-59 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-08-08-16 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-08-40-53 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-08-54-71 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-09-03-74 Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-09-14-26Sims2EP9 2015-01-12 22-09-57-97

Windows and doors revised


Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant new year.

This is where I was over that period

1622706_780304975394437_8232792312622763934_n 10887566_777590708999197_13169356730455892_o

And having experienced a winter Christmas once and then always experiencing Christmas in Summer, I have to say I dont envy you lot with your Winter Christmas! IMO nothing beats a BBQ Christmas, beach in the afternoon and a new years eve able to wear pretty sundresses and not having to rug up to go out! BLISS!

Anyway onto the sim finds!

Theres alot of new window and door sets popping up around the sims community and Im sure some old ones I missed in my last post about them.

One New one I just found this morning is this lovely set by Oselian.

What I love about this set is the little ledge on it and the shelf you can put on it!



I was just on a hunt for curatains, in the need of 1, 2 and 3 tile curtains so I could have matching ones, and I came across these by Amovitam



They fit pretty much any window for the size of them but made specifically for this window also by Amovitam



This morning I was talking over at Leefish with a few lovely people including Shastakiss. I asked if there was any windows and door sets that they love and Shastakiss recommended the eaxis add on sets by Ms Barrows, such as the old world set (this is only part 1, TSR really frustrates me with how slow it goes so I wont be hunting for extra links sorry!)



And Shasta also mentioned the add on sets by Windkeeper, like the helios superset is just, well SUPER! Thanks Shasta never saw this one before!



If you have the time (alot of it) Go through the rest of those two creators for add ons, theres some realy good finds! Make sure you make a cuppa to while away the loading times!

Shasta has her own blog full of awesomeness which you can find here And also a LJ and while getting those links I just came across this awesome tute for some decks, go check it out!


Tinkle has a lovely new country door and window set



And also a windmill set, with some amazing open windows!



Veranka has a new set (jumping for joy! Love Verankas sets!!)



I like to find items you dont often see, sometimes spend hours searching for just the perfect thing, one day I needed a good sliding door and came up with a heap of possibilites.

Heres a nice industrial sliding door by Bloom



I love this loft sliding door by Sherry at Sims cave, at the moment I cant get into Simscave unsure why! Picture is taken from one of my maxis makeover lots. It also come in a steel recolour. The link is included to the loft set but I cant get into it myself hope you all have better luck! (seems it is working but going VERY slow!)



MsTeaQueen has done some awesome shutter recolours of this door and a really nice white recolour, mesh is also included incase you didnt want to wait for Simscave to be back.



For trekky fans Lee made a Strek Trek sliding door



The Toronto set at Stylist sims has a 3 part glass sliding door showing leading to the office at the back. It is pay, download leads to free.



Mangosims Tom set also has a nice glass sliding door



I think Im doored and windowed out now, will go back to building my house.

Have a great day everyone!

Tiff 🙂