A roof over your head


Every house needs a roof, and, lets face it, EA’s are very boring! I decided to start this post when I saw a WCIF at BPS just now for a certain roof, to be exact this quite old download from Blue Texas Bonnie

MeshSet RoofPieces-in-use TinyButtercup


Some recolours and also the meshes DOWNLOAD  recolours are by Christobel

If you looking for a run down roof then Sims 2 Collage is the way to go! Few different versions here, also some good one if you play a medieval hood

dachalt ruine


A really fantastic looking roof window set to create a rounded skylight look is this amazing set by Julsfels. The page to download is really confusing, you may find it easier to go through this thread at BPS as it explains everything pretty well. Also looks like a bit of an understanding with the CFE cheat is required!

mpfenster01 mpfenster02


Im pretty sure Ive added this in somewhere before, but it really is a fantastic roof set and deserves another mention! Psychosims urban roofs, You just gotta try it if you havnt!

89487_640 (1)


If you want a no hassle skylight without using CFE or glass floor tiles then you want Lethes greenhouse set



If you want to weatherproof the skylight then use invisible floor tiles under the roof piece.

If you like the empire type roof that came with AL but wanted shorter pieces then you need the dl from whitewaterwood



Another great creation from Julsfels is additional roof pieces for the AL and MG roof, now you can have diagonal pieces!



To get rid of the ugly EAxis roof trim then use Phaenohs white roof trim.



Want to make that perfect Church but not use CFE, then you need Steeple roofs from Die Sims 2



Sometimes with all the roof possibilities you still may not be able to find one you reall want. There are some really great tutes for using CFE and creating your own interesting roof line.

Triciamanley has one for sloped windows to build some skylights

This one by Jonsei is for a curved arched roof. I decided to change it up a bit and make the arch roof the focal point for my house


Another great tute by Jonesi for a custom made roof with skylights is this one.

As you can see theres lots of different options you can use, and quite often the roof you use makes the house. Dont be scared to give CFE a go either to try and create an interesting custom roof, it can be alot of fun!

Have a great week

Tiff 🙂


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