Walls, Murals, and Floors


The right kind of wall/floor covering can make a house a home, some of my favourite walls, murals and floors are as follows.

A set I really cannot live without is Ohbehaves solid shades. This awesome mega set includes carpets, wood, siding, brick, paints, everything to match its just fabulous!

Solid Shades REVAMPED


For some rally funky colours and patterns make sure you check out ALL of Sims2Palettes walls.



Another epic set that covers Paints, wallpaper, tiles crown moulding in Annas colours is Courtney-Sheas pretty paints.



And an epic set for those wanting run down walls is the time factor set by Pixelhate



For some stunning devil may cry wall and floor conversions check out Yuxis amazing set, and while you’re there (Im sure Ive said this before) check out the whole set!

yuxi-builditems-devilmaycry-floorspreview yuxi-builditems-devilmaycry-wallspreview


A stunning wall mural is this set, no idea who made it would love to find out if anyone knows please let me know, file is hosted at bps.



For some other awesome murals walls and wall stencils Gritos sims 2 is the place to go!

fireplace mbqb relieve


Komosims had some amazing wall and floor sets, all hosted now at simscave, you may want to spend a bit of time going through these!

S55 - Vision set


One of my most favourite wall sets that I use constantly is part of the hestia set by Margierytka, this has so many options to do different things, and the textures are stunning!



Another wall set that has amazing textures is these wall panels by Lama



I really could (and want to) go on with more walls and floors but I also really want to join  the land of nod in my amazing new bed, and right now that want is completely winning over!!  Have so much more to add to this though so will update with a part two next time. Have a good week everyone

Tiff 🙂


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