Away for a few days


Sorry everyone, I have been really busy the last couple of days with Rl and also trying to get my entry finished for the BPS From the ground up contest! I am away tomorrow to take the kids to Invercargill to stay with their Grandparent, and then I get to come home to a quiet house!!  (well hubby will still be here so not 100% quiet!!) I wont be able to do a full update for a few days in the meantime heres a couple of thins that the lovely Kiri helped me find!

This lovely fence by 11 Dots


Download (build fence 1-4)

Also by 11 Dots, this amazing build set, pic courtesy of Kiri.



Also a set I really love is meant to be a bedding set, but it has steps and platforms that you can use to build patios etc. The Ying Yang bedroom by Chinafan sims.



And another great set is an outdoor set from 4esf, it has trellis’s awnings, plants, team it with the platforms from Chinafan sims and make some lovely deck areas!



Thats all for tonight, I need to head to bed as have a busy morning tomorrow packing making sure the house is clean (and getting the point across to the hubby that its to look the same when I get back!) Hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂


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