Build Sets


I love big build sets, it makes trying to find something to match so much easier! Some of my favourite build sets are:

The Demolition set by Guatla, fabulous for building run down and old buildings.



Ts3-Ts2 conversions of Cyclone Sues London Arches set by curious B



Also the add on set by hafiseazale



Another big favourite is the Bari buld set by Veranka, also some add on glass doors

tumblr_mxpfv2gWCx1svmfhbo1_1280 tumblr_n1kpq90Qdn1svmfhbo1_1280

Download Download

Some recolours in Annas Colours by Lipe

Recolours in Goats woods and 10 pooklet colours by Zerodark (post#48)

Blueberry recolour by Asylaraber02

Also while on the topic of Veranka she’s created an EPIC set called the BuBu set which also features build items. Make sure while you’re there check out the rest of the BuBu set theres 5 parts to it all up!



A really cute set is MustLuvCatz mini house kit, great for sims starting out or for the trailer park, or just a little cabin to take away for the weekend. (that little peice of wood also comes in handy as an edge hider)



One set that surprised me was this set from Sandy at ATS2, the preview pics do not do it justice, Im not personally a fan of it in the red, but in one of the other colours like the black and white it looks really nice!



A really lovely set of recolours from other sets, is this one by Riekus, featuring peices from sets by Hannie, Tiggy (which really does deserve a mention of its own but am sure everybody knows of the metroset!) and meshes from Chrissy and Raveena which are included in Riekus’s recolours.



Another really nice completed set is the Fusion set by SimGedohns, this set so versatile and can be used in so many ways!



Theres a whole lot more epic build sets out there and I will be back with more another time, am always waiting and hoping this one will get converted! TS3 – DIY Build set, ohhh I love it!


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