Welcome to Best Build Items


Hello and Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve decided to start my own lil blog to help builders and decorators locate new and different build items for The sims 2. Im always on the lookout for something different to build with and quite often I’ll download something, put it into my Anygame, use it then I tend to start over with a fresh Anygame and forget where I downloaded from. So hopefully in creating a blog I can help myself while helping others.

So for my first entry I will pop up some of my absolute must haves that get used alot when building.

First is theย Edge Smoother Set from Ailias, great to make nice finishes to rooftops, use it for garden edging, or for creating room sections.


Download from MTS
Another absolute must have for me is Ceiling Rims From 4esf. These are fabulous for hiding the ugly seams you get when you have an exposed floor edge, they come in different sizes so you can cover just about any height, if they dont cover the height you want pop them on a shiftable omspย by Silent Lucidity and then you can move them up and down.


Download From 4esf

Some Recolours byย rhondalatte

Another absolute must have is Numenors Recolour Modular Stairs.


What is great about these stairs is there is no script file to install them, and they have been recoloured so many times that theres oodles to choose from. In googe image search just typeย numenor recolourable modular stairsย and you get heaps of different options. MUST have the mesh though get that here

Last one for today is BuggyBooz Niche sets. These are amazing, can pretty much create anything you want with them, they are so versatile!


Download from BB’s Retreat

Slaved attic dormers by Pikkon

I know there are heaps of build items out there, everyday I will be adding more of the ones I use. If anyone ever wants to find something and need a hand just hollah, also any building tips happy to try and help.

Thanks for looking

Tiff ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “Welcome to Best Build Items

  1. What Karen said, great idea! :mrgreen:

    I’m finding this blog useful already – I didn’t have the 4ESF floor rim hider thingie before. I have another one, but that one is cloned from a curtain and can be a bit tricky to place right (no idea where it’s from, I got it with a house I downloaded). This one looks much better! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It’s surprising this hasn’t been done before now you clever petal! If you find bits you can’t remember creators for – feel free to drop me line and I might be able to help as I have appended creator names to all my files. Thanks for this great resource – I am pretty much decided on sticking to Sims2 for my building/decorating fix – I don’t mind Sims4 building but I detest the worlds they are too static and unchangeable.


    • Thanks Loverat, I most surely will keep you in mind! I thought the same last night while trying to look for a door (still looking!) theres plenty of deco resources, maxis match, furniture but hadnt seen one for building, so will see where it goes ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I love your idea, too! I don’t know what I like more in my game — building or tormenting my Sims.
    Already have everything you listed hanging out somewhere or another on my pc, can’t wait to see what else you find to list.


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