‘The last post’ post


I have decided to stop posting to WordPress. I have a tumblr account and also my Pinterest board I’ve been working on so will merge WordPress and tumblr and have it all over there. I won’t shut this down though as there are some good links on here and one thing I hate is when you go looking for something and someone has found it in the past supplied a link and you follow it only to find its dead. I do have quite a few links on here though that have gone dead, I’m planning on copying all the old posts from here and then putting them on tumblr so hopefully I can find new links, at the same time will also update the links here.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all you guys that have followed, commented and appreciated all my posts. And I’d like to apologise for how few and far between I did post, sadly real life has gotten in the way. I can’t believe I started this blog in 2014!! My youngest was 2 and eldest 5 and now they’re 9 and 13 and the oldest is off to high school next year!!! Time really does fly!

So again, thank you and I’m not gone just shutting down the excess. You can find me at my tumblr, pinterest, mts, simpearls and am also a frequent visitor to the fabulous sims 2 page on Facebook.

Thanks again


The ‘wishes and dreams’ post


We all wish and dream for certain things in our games at times. And theres so many amazing creators that give up their time, and tirelessly work on stuff for us plebs that don’t have a clue about how to use certain programmes, even if we’ve tried and tried but just can’t seem to wrap our heads around it. These unsung heroes deserve some more credit, so here are some posts shamelessly commendered from the likes of Sim Pearls, GOS and tumblr to promote how awesome these people are and to help fill (or overfill) your downloads folder!

First up, and I couldn’t help myseld I had to download it, Kim at simpearls asked if someone could convert this batroom set originally by Keish for TS4.

Pop of Pixels took this on and made such a lovely job! Thanks Pop of Pixels!

And thanks Kim for the original request!


Birgit1 requested some deco items from Soloriya to be converted from TS4

Deatherella kindly too it on and it looks fantastic! Thanks Deatherella!

I personally think the TS2 version looks better….but then in my humble opinion TS2 stuff looks better than TS4 anyway!


So this next one was requested by AnnW. When I first looked at the TS4 pic I thought thats a bit ugly, but then I saw the TS2 conversion and I loved it! Again matter of opinion about things looking better in TS2!

So this chair was originally done by lavi3enrose for TS4

And pop of pixels also took on this one and, made such a glorious job!


Clairsy made a great request for some true to life colourbond steel fencing! I love this request as its not only an Australian fence but popular right here in lil ole NZ too! So as I hadn’t seen this before it’s going into my downloads for sure!

Original pic was from a 3d model google image

And turns out 2fingerswhiskey took it up, can’t wait to see these in game!


I’ve not been adverse in asking for things from time to time, and always appreciate anyone thats able to help. When armiel came out with this amazing build set for TS3 I was so jealous and felt us TS2 players really needed it in our game!

Sofya took this on and boy did she deliver, it’s such an amazing set with so many options!!


In that same request post I also had an inkling for the double decker lego couch from the Lego Movie. Lunararc had made it for TS4 and just felt we needed one for TS2 for all our sims viewing needs!

Deatherella took this one on and it came out Awesome!

Thanks again Deatherella! Still use it, especially with your lego themed room set!


If you have some TS1 nostalgia then ewinkasiminka requested this plant to be converted, I recall my TS1 days using this object a lot!

Hypersaline came through and delivered!


Revolsim asked for some Deco sims in different poses to be converted from Reigningsims. These are great for storytellers!

Deatherella once again came to the rescue (she’s an absolute MVP of wish granting!!!) and delivered these great deco pap sims!

Brilliant as usual Deatherella!


One set I’m sure majority of us use is buggys Shakerlicious Kitchen Set

Autumn Dancer requested a 1 tile Dining table to match and Shastakiss delivered.

Thanks Shasta!


So it seems I’ve been at this for 2 hours!

My youngest will be home in 1 hour and eldest 45 mins after that, I haven’t had lunch and just realised I’m starving. Theres so many great requests out there that have been fullfilled and so many in the works. And the creators willing to do these and share them is extra special, but don’t forget the original creators that are happy for someone else to convert their work, so please always include them in any posts. Take a look through Simpearls and GOS and check out all the wishes and dreams as this can lead to awesome content you had no idea about! Sim2Artists also has a request section you can check out. Happy wishing!


The ongoing pandemic post


Here in lil ole New Zealand we have been so very lucky during this pandemic, close to this time last year we had our first level four lockdown that lasted six weeks, then reduced to level three for two weeks and going down to two for another two weeks and then to one which we’ve stayed in majority of the time. Once we have been back up to four for Auckland and three for the rest of the country but that was only for two weeks, for the past six months we’ve been pretty much normal, I even attended a concert here in Christchurch just last weekend (was awesome by the way!), and during that time I and so many of my friends said how lucky we are.

Well tonight Auckland is to go to level three and rest of nz to level two, as there is some traces of this new strain in the community in Auckland. Only 3 though but as we all know that can spread quickly so our awesome PM would rather us be safe than sorry.

In light of this I thought why not do a finds post on all things medical and Science! So here we go!

First up is a mega Ts3 conversion set by The Raven at moonlight dragon (you will need an account with tapatalk to download, it’s all free though)


The raven has done many hospital items including infant incubators and NICU beds


Deco hospital cribs


Some babies to pop in those cribs or pose where you want


And this ECMO machine, which is an amazing looking object but boy I hate them! My friend lost her baby boy at 6 months to a very rare heart condition (first one of this type in NZ) and this machine just brings that back!


If you go to Ravens hospital tab in her downloads you’ll find more!

Ravens stuff

Retail Sims has a great medical and science set


Gryning has converted a lot of TS4 items


Around the sims has a small science set


They also have a small science kit


And some medicine


And they have everything needed to get rid of a cold


I like fish food has some great signage for Pharmacies


2FingwersWhiskey has some pill bottles


and some pharmacy items


BlueHaven sims has a massive futuristic set, honestly this is huge, have only shown a few pics but it includes build items, objects, deco stuff, clothing and even poses!


And if thats not enough in their outdoor adventures set is some medical kits


And then, because we’re also finding science stuff, theres a huge amount of future things to go with your future medical stuff!!


Fresh Prince has made a drivable Ambulance


Two Finers whiskey has some good ceilings perfect for hospitals and the like


And on that same page Cemaly has medical outfits and the all important masks


Im going to have to sign off now, its almost 2am and I have to be up early to sort my kids for school! Hope everyone is staying safe and fingers and toes crossed this pandemic won’t last much longer!!

The pinterest obsession post.


I have decided to start my own pinterest board for The Sims 2, like everything I decide to do on the spur of the moment with sims it will no doubt take years to get to where I want it, but it’s a start!!

I decided to start my own as have seen so many lately, but I get sad when theres no more links to click! I like links to click so making my own means more links! But I wanted to share with you some great ones that I’ve found.

Clicking on the pics will take you to the boards.

First up is this really great in depth board from Carla of Sullivan Sims.

This is one of my absolute fave boards. Its by Akeakamai Bonneville and it’s all Ikea add ons and extras, so cool!

This one really needs a coffee, or maybe even two, while you scroll though all this clicky goodness, its fabulous! This one is by Phinae and they also have a Tumblr

This here is another that requires a coffee, by Sims Influence

This board by Lesia Hamilton is very spectacular. Other 2 need coffee to get through them, this one needs breaky, lunch and tea!

To spice up the meals for the next week you’ll want to scroll through JTs epic, EPIC board, sorry it needs another EPIC!!! Doesn’t have a following of 2k for nothing!

We all (or should) know of 2fingerswhiskey. Well heres their pinterest board, and it’s a goodun!

One on a bit of a smaller scale but still handy is by Jessica.

I like to help out the people with not so many followers, this is Honey, has some nice stuff saved, but only 3 followers! (2 before I found her!)

So thats all the pins I had saved on my bookmarks. There are so many out there though and it’s such a great resource. Hope to try and keep mine up to date as much as poss, but like I said, it’ll be somethng that I can do for a bit, then stop, but will no doubt come back to it!

While I’m thinking about it, another great resource I have saved on my bookmarks is The Sims 2 Tutorial database. This is a fantastic resource, well worth saving.

Actually I think my next post will be sites, pages and resources I have saved on my bookmarks, then I can finally clean that up and have it saved in a nice list on here, think it’ll make a great post too!


The ‘I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post’ post!


I really can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my last post!! In the last year I have done more simming in the previous 4 weeks than the whole year. And it’s all thanks to a FB group for the sims 2 that is rather amazing. So if you haven’t joined yet then go ahead and do it. Best FB group ever as it’s all positivity, kindness and Sims 2! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSims2OfficialGroup/

Onto some finds. I think with Halloween just round the corner we will do some spooky finds. Won’t all be build items for this one.

First up by beosboxboy is this Arkham set. It has a lil bit of everything, from broken windows, preserved brains, creepy books and some maxis recolours. Perfect start!


From Zuessims here is the conversion of Grims Ghastly Manor build set.


An old but fabulous set by Simsfantastic is the Halloween stuff pack, which frankly is probably better than what EA could have come up with. Love how there are so many people in the sims community able to fill what EA left lacking!

From the ninth wave heres a sims 4 conversion of spooky stuff.

This is something that is pretty amazing! Sun&Moons star factory pumpkin carving station. Wow, just wow!!!!! Totally blown away with this one!

And to carve those Pumpkins first you’ve got to grow them, so heres a mega set for crops, again from Sun&Moon. This has got so many crops, and extras to go with it, its just amazing! There are some real hidden gems at plumb bob keep, a lot of different creative making stations, just takes the game to another level!

Aysarth at mts also has growable pumpkins

And if you don’t want to take the trouble of growing pumpkins, but look like you have, Mustluvcatz has a pile o’ pumpkins.


Mustluvcatz also has some boarded up windows, perfect for haunted houses.

If you’re wanting to throw a halloween wedding then Apple Valley Downloads has perfect wedding cakes to fit the theme! (sorry not my pics, as that photobucket error through them!)

Carrying on with the wedding theme Delonariel has some recolours of the celebarations wedding arch and flowers thats a perfect fit.


You’ll need something to serve at your wedding, so simaddict has a few…erm..delectable goodies.


As does Adelana, mmmmmm looks good!


At least her cookies do look good though!


And then fireflies graced us with brain food.

You’ll need some tables to put it all on so Sandy at ATS has covered this.


Chrisaldesigns has some balloons cups etc


Lastly, but certainly not least is this EPIC two part set by Shastakiss. This really takes the cake, it’s just amazing!! So much stuff here and animated things as well, just holy moly have a look!!!



Thats it from me, I know I havent even scratched the surface of Sims 2 Halloween Downloads. Theres so many out there, it blows my mind how halloween is such a big thing in other places of the world. It not here in lil ol NZ, though it is slowly getting bigger.

GOS also has their spooky dip happening, so get creating and send your creation in by the 31st and you’ll get something in return .

And various Tumblrs have their Halloween celebration so have a look at what thats all about.

Stay safe everyone!

The ‘I should be sleeping but can’t be assed’ post


Well, here we are, almost at the end of the year. Where’d that time go!! My youngest has aged me nearly 10 years this year, with about 6 of those years in the last two weeks. I think he’s trying to end 2019 by exceeding the bang he started it with (head injury on the first day of the year!) and my oldest is finishing up primary school and starting intermediate next year. Hyperventilating a lil bit over here!! They grow so fast and I just want them to stay my little and innocent baby boys a bit longer!!

This is my babies earlier this year, so proud of them, even though they drive me round the bend!


And now for some downloads.

Theres going to be no rhyme or reason today, might be some build items, some objects and possibly some ugly Christmas jerseys!

I just found these, I’m sure most of you have already seen them, since they’re on mts and new but hey, they’re cool!

Heres some flickering lights from Pineapple forest



Lets go old and hard to find, if there are creators sites where these are available please let me know and I will link to there instead.

You can never have enough kitchen deco and heres a nice wee set from Anno sims



There is a part 2 to this set, it was hosted at the old affinity site, I can’t seem to access downloads at the new site to see if its there, if someone has it please share!

From BPS days is the Giselle bedroom by Tinhouse



From Spiegel is this really cool Christmas set!



Two cute uploads from Jeanie

A retro round seat and cushion



And a cute vase of sunflowers



Interlude Dining by Jonesi


interludeDiningByJonesi 2


By Gitte is this lovely seamless wall, great for a lil bit of a shabby chic touch. (please note, no objects are included just the wall set!)



From Sunn is a cute lazy susan, fill this baby up with lots of nice table deco!

Lazy Susan


Here are two lamps from Juliette



And lastly, I said some Ugly Christmas Jerseys, well 2 years ago Kayarin delivered, though I think they suit sims!



And thats me for the night, if I don’t get back on before Christmas, Merry Christmas to all, eat, drink and be merry and wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, there’s a lot of shitty stuff happening in the world at the moment, don’t add to the carnage!




The ‘It’s storming outside so lets find new things before the power cuts off’ post


You heard right, we are having a bit of a storm at the moment, some thunder some lightning, lots of wind and rain, so lets see how much I can find before the power goes off due to the winds!!

We’ll start with some TS4 converted gates by the Ninthwave



You can’t have a gate without a fence, and I think this one might go quite nicely, also by The Ninthwave.



Keeping with fences and gates, I just this minute found this tumblr! At first I thought it was second life, then I thought surely it must be TS4, but no its a dark souls 3 conversion for sims 2 by nelphaell! Pretty impressive, and another tumblr to follow, yay! (Actually the more I look at it the more I’m sure I have shared it before, serious de ja vue vibes happening!)



So of course I had to stay and have a wee poke round, and there are some very impressive lots up for download and lots of cool objects, especially lights, but these I just adore! Some fake glass panels. I can think of oodles of things to do with these!



Go and have a good hunt round, oh and I must add, while I  was on there, Nothing else matters by metellica was playing from the site! Awesome downloads and a great playlist, hell yes, you have my vote!!

*Update on the weather, the wind got very wild, the lights flickered, so I ordered pizza, incase power goes and I can’t cook, not because I didn’t want to cook dinner! (smile, wink, wink)

Heres some really nice ceiling tiles by Sim Inspiration



Heres an old but good download from 2006 by Simthing for everyone.

unnamed (1)unnamed


Another old one that I had totally forgot about is the dark Projects at MTS by various artists. Two sets in this collaboration is by Lethe. The alchemist build set and the rounded double door with recolours by Corvidophile.



Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than decorate our simmies houses for the event. From Zuessims here is the conversion of Grims Ghastly Manor build set.



Seems it has hit that time for older downloads! Avendia sims, gone but not forgotten, heres some great pot plants! (Download link will take you directly to the wayback machine, and then it will download automatically)



Something else for Halloween, gothic conversions by Yolartut



Might need some gravestones to go with that goth. Conversions by Suicide lovers



Another oldie is this little bridge set by savage sims (link goes to booty, look for savagesims-bridgeset.zip)



Ever felt the need to build a Yurt?? Well thanks to Wiccandove you now can!



Heres a very pretty door, comes with recolours by Aquagloups



And last but certainly not least, here are some super cute windows and doors for a pet shop by AdeLanaSp, these are just adorable!!!




Well, the power stayed on, the Pizza was good and now its bedtime for the youngest! My kids are heading off to the west coast for their two week holiday starting on Saturday, so I may be able to post more but we have the plasterers/painters in for that time to fix all the earthquake damage (finally!) and give the whole house a new paint job, so I may not be able to post at all, we will see!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!




The ‘No kids at home, so lets find build sets’ post


I have no children for 4 days!!!!


My amazing parents drove through the night for 9 hours to pick up my kids, then turned around and drove home again (with the kids, they didn’t hear all the arguing and scamper!) Kids come back Friday (flying), so I’m catching up on sims things!

I love build sets, and add ons, and recolours for build sets and add ons. Heres a few faves.

If you haven’t seen this one you’ve been under a rock. The Thorpe set from Veranka.



Heres some lovely retextures and recolours by Poppet.



Kiri and Lee made a joint project of more  LaFenetre Add-Ons, these are awesome, even a two tile on 3 tiles! Thats ingenius! And Kiri made recolours to go with it!



Heres some cool scary recolours from way back in 2005 by Mere. The broken window glass goes on ANY EA window! How cool is that!



Shakeshafts Midnight Cove build set is really quite lovely. (In my fave colour too!)



Another great Veranka one is the Bari build set



Poppets also retextured this one too.



Rented space has made add on diagonal doors and arches



Klaartje Recoloured this in some really pretty colours.



And Lipes recoloured it in Annas colours.



Holy Simoly has The ‘Old Mason’ Architectural Series 1 and 2. scroll down their page to check out the recolours, and then follow the link for the download. (I’ve added the collection file too).


Heres a great roof build set from Crisp and Keosene



Shastakiss has made some lovely recolours of the mansions and gardens build items, it really makes it all look like a cohesive new set!



Aussietopenders has been around for forever, and you may not know this, but they have some beautiful stair recolours.


Just found this really nice fence and gate set by Blue Chilipepepper, be great for big fancy houses.



They’ve also done this fence set, good for ball parks.



Awhile ago 13pumpkin made some awesome recolours of Cyclone Sues london arches converted by Curious B and BB’s Niches. These go so well together!



And last but not least, this was made for me a few years ago now (it just feels like yesterday!) by the lovely Klaartje. Has alot of stunning recolours too.

thumb640x480 (1)


Have a good week, I know I will!





The ‘I got lazy so lets find what we can’ post.


I hardly get time for this anymore, and my youngest has kept me on my toes this year, which makes it really hard to keep up with this. So far we have been in after hours (first day of the year no less) for a head injury when he fell out of bed and smacked his head on the dressing table I so stupidly put next to his bed the week before, emergency dentist in May when he misjudged the mat and the metal bar of the tramp and smashed his face into the metal resulting in the removal of a tooth (baby tooth luckily) and this week in hospital with a gammy hip (he’s 7, not 70!!) which ended up not being a gammy hip. After 5 hours waiting for an MRI and then when it didn’t happen, having to overnight and then being there for just over 24 hours before we got said MRI to be told he’s fine just go careful!

Inbetween the youngests adventures I’ve had the oldest down for almost two weeks with the flu (actual flu, not just a cold) The husband sick (according to him he was worse than the oldest with the flu) and inbetween all this having to still go to work and do all the usual household things as they don’t just do themselves. And now it’s school holidays and I have my fingers crossed that my Mum is going to get her jobs done so she can take my beautiful children for a few days since they’re now fit and healthy and we can start sorting the house out and (hopfully) get it ready for painitng, as between all the health happenings I’ve also been sorting out a claim with the earthquake commission to sort the damage out! How exciting that will be!

Anyway, enough about the trials and tribulations of adulting, lets find some new/maybe old/always needed build items!

First up we have a lovely spiral staircase by simsbiotic (amongst other awesome items!)



Mustluvcatz has been a busy wee beaver and has remapped and recoloured 4esfs stair cover, Slaved some of buggys coloumns and remapped some of simwardrobes.



Moocha Muses has converted some really funky garage doors.



So I just saw this pic at GOS (link here to go and create for this months theme!)


I absolutely love Mario, especially the classic Super Mario (as does my youngest, proud Mama moment!) So I had to go find this set. Its by sadepaivas (arn’t all the wonderful game sets!!) and it’s awesome (awesome is sung in a really high pitched voice)


I’m sure most of you have seen Fways Bohemia matching doors arches and windows. If you havn’t go get that first.



Now have you seen disemporiums add ons to fways add ons? No? Well here you go!

Old World Preview


Staying with disemporiums (since it was my first time visiting!) I found a fire surround for a victorian stove. I love little finishing details like this!

Fire surround cover


Not build related, but at first I thought they were windows and then realised they were mirrors, still making the cut as I rather like them! (f you take out the glass, could they be made into windows?? I think you could make an awesome window set out of these! (not me, as I can’t mesh for shit!)



I tend to forget about All4Sims, and I really shouldn’t as they have some great build stuff on there! (Not just build stuff either) These stairs are old, but good!



These windows



A revolving door (animated!)



Recolours of one of the most handy fence sets around



And there are alot of recolours for this set just go through the pages 

I actually suggest you grab a coffee and hunt all of All4sims nooks and crannies, some really good gems in there!

Thats going to be my lot right now. While I’ve been updating this I have also been on the phone 3 times to the supermarket and once to the bank as I did an order earlier and there was an error processing the payment but its still gone out of my account. Fingers crossed we get the groceries today, because we actually have nothing!! I’d go and do it in person but have the kids home, its pouring with rain and we don’t have a car so gets pretty miserable!

Off to make scones for lunch since we have nothing else!!

Hope y’all find something useful in this post and happy simming!



Game of Thrones – The poo is mightier than the sword!



I have made a post on ‘thrones’ before but figure you can never have too many and have seen quite a few new loos, old fixed up loos and recolours of old and new loos, so thought it was deserving of a new loo search, find and share, will also include some full bathrooms. You can even sit on your loo while on your phone and follow along!

First up Marioneve posted a pic of this lovely modern bathroom she made. And there was a wcif for some of the items. Toilet is originally from Peggy (donation item so remember that when uploading houses using this loo, especially to mts) Marioneve re-uploaded it.



Next up is another older toilet, but also the whole bathroom is quite nice. And this is the Celine Bathroom in Pink by Dee




Just before Christmas Pop of Pixels Converted Wondymoons bathroom set from S4, its such a beautiful set!



10 days later Riekus supplied recolours, and they wonderful as well!



No toilet in this one but still a great thing to have. HugeLunatic made a CEP extra for the romantic bath tub and sink. CEPs open up the recolouring world, so is a must have!



A great recolourist who is changing maxis items one colour at a time is Liz. She has made ALOT of recolours for maxis items and they really give them quite the new look. Latest bathroom one is th Ler Mer bathrom, in a nice light shade of violet.



Check out her other recolours while there!

Another epic recolourist is Michelle. Michelle has given us all so many options for our game, maxis and original creations have been recoloured in hundreds of colours, leaving us spoiled for choice! Just a few pics of some of her bathroom recolours


Link to her whole page as I cant pinpoint just one!

Shastakiss has also made some lovely recolours of just about everything. One of them being recolours of the basegame bathroom sets.



And part two!



Theres also some great public bathrooms floating around. Heres a 3t2 conversion by Mistyfluff.



Klaartje made the Astro Stall into just the door so it can fit onto the wall and you don’t have to deal with the ugliness of the whole stall anymore! Genius!



Rayness also made quite a large public bathroom set along with deco items and 4 walls and a floor.



Rayness no longer has a site so have uploaded all the bathroom files to file share.


This next download is from 2010 and I am ashamed to say I have never known of its existence until now, and I’m so excited as the use for it goes beyond toilet stalls! From d_unit comes the Resistall astro divider 3. Used to divide urinals, but can be used for things like a public phone divider, shower divider or anything else that requires privacy. What a great find!!



Mustluvcatz made some great deco objects for public bathrooms, plus scroll down the page to get a link to downloadd the change table as a functioning object.



Well my kids are off fortnight, hubby isnt yet on Ark, I’m taking the chance of the empty PS4 and getting onto my RDR2! (The reason I havnt done any siming in awhile!)

Happy bathroom building!

Tiff 🙂